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 Hey there f-list, most of you probably won't read this nor you care about it...College is driving me crazy, 1 book  every week, the notes on the book, the classes about the book, essays, ...too much! And there is something wrong with my thiroyd, since they found me a nodule and have to be analysed...just trying to think positive! I have the feeling there is no free time in my life lately!
anyway, had this icons I was saving from publishing till I could have a big here they are, hope you guys like them!


[93] Casi Ángeles
[04] Roswell
[03] Grey's Anatomy
[25] Veronica mars
[35] The OC


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comments are love
credit is highly appreciated.
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As some of you would probably know, I'm Spanish.

I just wanted to let the world know how proud I am of the spanish team.
The tears of the good people, that is what I heard when the game finally ended (OMG I almost die. damn 0-0)  and that is the biggest truth I've heard lately. The team deserved this, but I'm sorry I have to write in Spanish, remember Penelope cruz at the Oscars?
I don't like her..but gotta do the same.

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I know It's been a long time since my last post (AGAIN) but, classes and university got me all stressed...
this ain't an entry with arts of my regular tv shows, I have to say, this year I'm addicted to Casi Angeles, and I honestly don't know how did it happen, but I like it, and well, who cannot love the accent from the people in Argentina? xD
so I made a few icons I don't remember when.... what can I say? If I see a picture that I like, I make an icon...guilty pleasure!
here they are.


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BTVS - Buffy

little help! looking for some hq screencaps :)

Ok, I don't know why, but two days after I post my entry telling you guys I couldn't be back with my arts I started feeling nostalgic! so I started to look for my old textures and colorings...and I'm preparing a big new batch,but what I would love from you guys is a little help with some links!

do you know a nice site with high quality screencaptures? could you please left me a comment with the link? I'd appreciate that so much!

right now I'd kill for some nice screencaps of Greek and How I met your mother!

thanks in advance! mua!
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