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They are not you

22 April 1988
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About me +
Silvia.20.Madrid (Spain)
I'm nice,affectionate,sensitive,hugs Addicted. I love photography and everything about cinema,music and arts in general.Photoshop is my Friend,Obsessive about TV shows. I adore the english language and I study it at College. I dream of living in London and New York..
TV shows +
Supernatural,Roswell,Veronica mars,One tree hill, Friends, Gilmore Girls,Grey's Anatomy,That's 70 show,Lost,the OC,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Brothers & Sisters,Prison Break,Sex and the city,Gossip girl,Friday night lights,Greek,
Felicity,How I met your mother, Glee, That's 70 show, Bones.

ships +
Lucas/Peyton,Nathan/Haley,Brooke/Peyton,Sam/Dean,Michael/Maria ,Max/Liz,Logan/Veronica,Edward/Bella,Izzie/Alex,Meredith/Derek,Mark/Lexie,Samantha/Smith,Carrie/Aidan,Carrie/Big,Miranda/Steve,Rory/Dean,Lorelai/Rory,Lane/Rory,Rory/Logan,Jack/Kate,Claire/Charlie,Sun/Jin,Ross/Rachel,Monica/Chandler,Joey/Phoebe,Phoebe/Mike,Felicity/Ben,Cappie/Cassie,Julie/matt,Tim/Lyla,Robin/Ted,Summer/seth, Booth/Bones.
The People I love +
Hilarie Burton,Robert Pattinson,Marilyn Monroe,Audrey Hepburn,Kristen Bell,Adam Brody,Kristen Stewart,Rachel Bilson,James Mcavoy,Kate winslet,Johny Deep,Alexis Bledel,Jared Padalecki,Shannyn sossamon,Sarah Michelle Gellar,Jensen Ackels,Lauren Graham,Jason Dohring,Katherine Heigl,Jason Behr,James Lafferty,taylor kitsch,all the cast of FRIENDS
Music is life +
THE BEATLES,Led Zeppelin,Incubus,Lifehouse,Goo goo dolls,Good charlotte,The clash,Jack's mannequin,Rooney,Paramore,copeland,the killers,OASIS,Augustana,Damien Rice, and more.

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